Bandwidth Speed Test

Just how fast is your Internet connection? Are you surfing the Internet on a push bike, or in a Porsche?

The test results produced by this test should not be taken as gospel, especially as there are a number of external factors that can slow this test down, e.g. The time of day and what other stuff you are doing on the Internet. However, it should give you pretty a good indication of how good you connection is.

Different test sizes available as slower connections such as dial-up would not want to try downloading a 1Mb file, likewise, using a 256Kb test file wouldn't give a long enough time to test the bandwidth effectively.

Choose the test file size you wish to use:


Speed Test Progress...

Download Test Results

You managed to download a Kb file in seconds. This works out at roughly KB per second

SpeedTypeAvg. Rate
10Mb Ethernet 1100KB
4Mb Broadband 440KB
2Mb Broadband 220KB
1Mb Broadband 110KB
512Kb Broadband 55KB
128Kb Dual ISDN 14KB
64Kb Single ISDN 7KB
56Kb Dial-up 5KB
33.6Kb Dial-up 4KB

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