Apart from writing the CMS that powers this website, I have also written a few web applications. They have all been developed as experimentation's or for my own use. However, feel to use them. As I release new experiments, I will post them up on this page.

Domain Checker

This tool allows you to search multiple TLD's for available domains.

Phone Number Checker

Look up and view information on telephone numbers within the UK. Data provided by OfCom.

Bandwidth Speed Test

This is an experiment with AJAX. It's a bandwidth tester using AJAX plus the option to use different file sizes. This Please note that it is a crude speed tester and it does not work in all browsers, but the decent ones should be ok

Scottish Ski Summary

Ski Scotland Summary: The latest snow reports from ALL the Scottish Ski centres in one place - Glenshee, Ben Nevis Range, Glencoe, Cairngorm Mountain and The Lecht.
As an avid skier and as a number of years ago I was bobbing up to Scotland quite a bit, I threw this page together to allow people to view all the important information about the various Scottish ski resorts from a mobile phone.

Last Page of the Internet

This page is one of the oldest pages on this website. It's a joke page, based on the fact that people say that the Internet is limitless. Well it isn't. It has edges! These edges are pages that contain NO links to other documents. This is my tribute.

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