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Latest Ramblings

Skype Adverts Compromised?

So my work computer started randomly launching a phishing site into my default browser yesterday. I performed a full scan and that yielded no results. I eventually pinpointed it to Skype.

Porn names and other fun games

Ever since I opened my first bank account that had telephone banking an alarm bell has been ringing about this innocent childish bit of fun. For years we have been telling friends and even strangers our bank security question answers openly. I've been telling people for well over a decade, but still I constantly come across disbelief, after all what would you say if you where asked 'What's your porn name?'

MacOS Sierra PPTP VPN Client

I currently have to connect to my companies VPN over PPTP. Unfortunately, I upgraded my Mac to Sierra and consequently denying my access to our VPN, I have since found 2 pieces of software that bring back my access. One payware (Shimo VPN) and one that appears to be free (FlowVPN).

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