• A highly experienced developer in leading-edge web technologies
  • Creative thinker, able to develop original solutions to problems
  • Naturally inquisitive analyst, who actively researches new technologies
  • Understands the dynamics of a modern technology company
  • Confident and firm in managing customer and inter staff relationships
  • Calm in a crisis

Career Objectives

  • The opportunity to grow in a stimulating and exciting environment
  • To tackle new and challenging roles, allowing me to exploit and develop my broad range of technical/programming skills
  • To commit to an organisation which, in turn, recognises and rewards performance and commitment
  • To have a position that encourages the exchange/sharing of knowledge and experience to accelerate the achievement of business objectives.

Languages / Technical Skills

Listed below are just a few of the technologies and langauages that I have experience of. If I was to attempt to compose a complete list, it would be far to large to list here.

  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C/C++
  • Webservices (SOAP, REST)
  • .NET (C#, VB)
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Unix/Linux/Windows Systems Administration
  • Internet/Networking
  • Protocols, RFC’s and various types of servers

Qualifications & Training

HND Computing – Manchester Metropolitan University (1997)

Working for Internet-based companies has meant that I have had to learn new technologies at high speed and efficiently, this has normally been achieved though on-the-job training or self study in my free time.


Employment History

This is a summary of emplyment and not intended as a complete list of projects. For further details about projects I have been involved in, please look at the work section of this website.


Substance 2005 Coop

November 2008 - Current

  • Official roll of Strategic Systems Architect, responsible for designing all IT solutions within the company and responsible for project managing both internally resourced, as well as externally contracted  IT projects,
  • Designed and implemented the Infrastructure for Plings, as part of the Government’s Department of Children, Schools and Family. A system aimed at gathering information from Local Authorities via Scraping techniques, SOAP, XML and RESTful web services.
  • Responsible for designing the “Views” system. A flexible online monitoring, evaluation and reporting system, that helps public sector and community and voluntary sector organisations to demonstrate the value and outcomes of their work.

Lex Vehicle Leasing

Febuary 2006 - April 2009 (Contracting)

  • Contracted to implement the Halfords Car Finance site.
  • Developed and implemented the development eviroment for the Web team. This involved building a Redhat Enterprise server running SVN and each user having their own version of Apache running, allowing them to develop and test indepedantly to others in the team. The SVN offered a centrakl place to test prior to the developed system pushing changes up to their staging server and ultimately out to their live server.
  • PHP and Linux support / consultancy for the Web team and Server team

OS Independent Limited / Everis Limited

June 2002 - Current

  • Build/developed the administrative systems for SSR (School of Sound and Record) Manchester. This has now been rolled out to their Jakarta franchise with intention of als releasing to their London franchise.
  • Built/developed a complete Intranet and Groupware solution, that is fully modularised and expandable.  This software, also integrates into various networks seamlessly, including Microsoft and Novell based networks. Which we use for the back-end of our own business systems.
  • Produced a variety of monitoring software and MIS solutions for “Life Long Libraries”, “Manchester Youth College” and the “Manchester Youth Service”, “Positive Futures” and “Kickz”. Allowing youth projects, libraries and other publicly funded organisations to monitor their progress and the progress of their attendees.
  • Developed SMS Gateway Solutions, in conjunction with iTAGG.
  • Designed and implemented the research/publications collaboration system for URBIS, allowing researchers to share their documents amongst other members of URBIS, and also allow them to publish them publicly.
  • Responsible for implementing a vehicle tracking system for Fleet Controller UK (Fleetview), including the telecommunications software used to communicate with GPS enabled GSM’s and the mapping software.
  • Liaised and managed various contractors across multiple projects

Poptel Ltd

July 1997 - June 2002

  • A key member of the team that was responsible for the implementation of the infrastructure for the .coop TLD.
  • Headed up the Year 2000 Bug Audit and Fixes.
  • Implemented / managed / supported the release of the NASUWT online signup system, which was later expanded to “Idea”, a University based project, before being adopted as Poptel’s default customer signup system.
  • Designed and implemented the company’s Intranet and customer support systems.

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