MySQL Find and Replace Script
Published: 05/10/2012
While migrating a Drupal site to a different domain, I got sick of performing a server replace manually, so I did what I do best and write a script. You can download the script too.

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Case using a DAT Tape Box
Published: 28/09/2012
While looking through my cupboard of goodies, I stumbled across an old DAT Tape and the size of it gave me an idea. The old DAT Tape box is only marginally bigger than the Raspberry Pi that was sat on my desk. So out came my knife and several slices later, the Raspberry Pi was sat in a nice clear plastic case.

Cooking up a Raspberry Pi Music Player (MK-I)
Published: 26/09/2012
I have completed my first attempt at a jukebox / music player using a Raspberry Pi. I admit that not much was needed to be done other than installing some software and configuring it,

In search of a music player
Published: 07/09/2012
For a number of years I have been looking to produce a media player of some sort to integrate with my Hi-Fi. I am fullfilling my dream with a Raspberry Pi. It has been a journey, but I think I'm now finally heading in the write direction.

Should I be suspicious about my broadband?
Published: 20/08/2012
This morning I woke up to 4Mb broadband. Most would thik I should be pleased, but this raises my suspicions as I have long term issues with BT surrounding the quality of my phone lines and the age of the exchange. Am I going to be suffering the 3day sync

Making sure your backup is a backup
Published: 24/07/2012
A backup should be exactly that. Not an archive, but a backup held in a safe place where the worst that can happen is that it gathers dust

So I hacked a Kindle
Published: 28/06/2012
This isn't technically hacking a Kindle in my books, but I did manage to get unsolicited files onto a friends Kindle. so I would say it is certainly an exploit and abuse of both the Amazon Send-to-Kindle service and the friendship.

The first really useful use for augmented reality I have seen
Published: 12/06/2012
While I was recently in france, I was introduced to a very interesting and useful augmented reality app. Word Lens by QuestVisual. It is able to translate text visually between French, Spanish and English, just by pointing your iPhone ate the text.

RSS feeds are back
Published: 30/05/2012
One of the things that went missing hen upgrading my old site to the new CMS was RSS feeds, well they're back. All the old feed addresses will now go to

Who the hell is "Tim Burnett Lee"
Published: 02/05/2012
Who the hell is 'Tim Burnett Lee'? The inventor of the Internet according to the book my wife was reading last night! The book in question: 'Force. com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)' and available from all good bookshops.

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