Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade + Dropbox = Stalled Download
Published: 30/04/2012
Well, some people may say I'm a fool for being an early adopter. However, I like my Ubuntu fresh. Apart from the download speed being extremely slow (due to every man, woman and dog downloading it) it all seemed to go as well as every other upgrade, until

The impotence of proofreading
Published: 27/04/2012
I announce to Facebook last night that my new website was up and one of the first comments I received was about how the site was riddled with typo's and grammatical errors.

Fixing, tweaks and other stuff
Published: 26/04/2012
A busy day of tweaks, fixes, enhancing and some tidying up after a site migration

Serving non-cat related content for nearly 9 years
Published: 25/04/2012
While archiving my old website, I stumbled across an archived table of blogs and decided to import them into my new website. Unsurprisingly, not one article was written about cats!

New Website Launched
Published: 20/04/2012
Finally I have gotten around to releasing my all new singing website. Ok, it's still got work, but such is the way with websites

Drupal Anonymous Comments Woes
Published: 12/04/2012
While working on a recently migrated drupal site I hit a snag that resulted in comments posted by anonymous users seemingly stopped being posted. Thanks to some digging the solution was simple and the cause was obvious! The evils of using auto-increment.

Why is there 5.9583333 days between 24/03/2011 and 30/03/2011
Published: 19/05/2011
I was recently asked to debug some code to find out why a date difference function was returning some odd results. daysdiff( '2011-03-24', '2011-03-30') = 5.9583333, yet daysdiff( '2011-04-24', '2011-04-30') = 6

Ski Scotland gets a re-vamp
Published: 07/12/2010
Thanks to Ski Scotland changing their Ski Conditions pages, I have re-written the way in which my page is generated. Hopefully, this will increase the things I am able to do with this information.

Ski Scotland Webcam Update
Published: 29/11/2010
Once again the webcams have been updated. However, it appears that visit scotland have updated their site to allow this information to be gathered via XML. Time for a rewrite!

Video now as dangerous as e-mail?
Published: 29/04/2010
While watching the talk from youTube yesterday, I found myself wondering if video was fast becoming the new e-mail. I don't mean in the way of send video messages to people, but in a more dangerous way...

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