Ski Scotland Webcam Update
Published: 02/12/2008
The webcams in the Ski Scotland Summary section have now been updated ready for the up and coming ski season

Ski Scotland Summary update
Published: 18/01/2008
A few improvements have been made to the Ski Scotland Summary page, including speed improvement and better info

Ski season is here
Published: 03/01/2008
Well Ski season is upon us and as ever I am watching the Ski Scotland website. However, I have found it a be or a chore clicking out their site to find the reports for all the different sites. So, I have put together my own Ski Report page

Have your say
Published: 14/12/2007
A new addition to the site has arrived! You can now post comments on pretty much any page of this site. This is powered by my new software that I am called everComments that I am aiming to offer as a free service

Busy Busy Times
Published: 19/07/2007
Well once again I am being useless at putting updates up on this site. However this time I have a good excuse (well I think they're good excuses). Getting married, trying to finish the wedding site and work. The wedding site is now 90% complete

I'm not dead
Published: 15/05/2007
Yes, I'm not dead, just been far too busy to post recently. If you don't know, I'm getting married on the 16th June, so it's all a bit hectic atm. However (being the sad geek I am) I have released a website to celebrate.

IE printing dynamic images BUG!
Published: 07/02/2007
After several days of frustration and trawling through code, I have finally found out how I can get round an issue (BUG in my books) with IE and printing of images within a secured area. It seems that IE does not pass any cookies to scripts

This site is not dead
Published: 02/01/2007
2006 was a very busy year for me, which resulted in not many updates. While I have done a lot of playing in my sandbox, it still is not public so no one will have seen it. One of this years resolutions is to release more to the site. Happy New Year

AJAX Bandwidth Speed Test Released
Published: 22/03/2006
I have been looking at these on the Internet, wondering how easy it would be to implement and whether I could do it any better. The result is my very own 'Bandwidth Speed Test' thanks to the power of AJAX.

The Portfolio Section Goes Live
Published: 20/03/2006
I have now published a few examples of sites that i have worked on over the many years I have been developing. I will be adding to the list, but for now these are probably the most important out of the past couple of years.

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