Nearly Christmas...
Published: 24/12/2003
Well its that time again when all the shops are packed out buying their christmas spirit, a time to be with family (and those annual arguments about what Granny Smith said about your cousin Melvin 20years ago).

Love Actually...
Published: 21/12/2003
Last night I went to see Love Actually. While it was really funny (and quite sad in some places), I think it was a case of wrong film at the wrong time of year for me.

House Invasion
Published: 14/12/2003
another house invasion

Networks and people who tinker
Published: 11/12/2003
My business partner spent the whole of Monday setting up and re-installing machines and network cables at one of our customers places, only to receive a phone call earlier insisting that he "hadn't touched anything" but it had "all stopped working"?!

All hail ADSL
Published: 05/12/2003
It would seem that ADSL has it's uses other than downloading MP3's and other such tat

Linux, Linux, Linux! Why oh why
Published: 30/11/2003
Redhat want to start making money. Fair enough. But it's time for me to start looking for a new distribution

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