I suppose I'd better...
Published: 18/10/2004
Well I suppose I'd better say that I have finally decided tie the knot (for the 2nd time) and she has been nagging me that the only reference on this site is not her...

Domain Registry of America - Who is they kidding?
Published: 09/10/2004
I received a rather official letter the other day, insisting that I needed to renew my American .org domain ( I have never heard of this company but it looked so official I was initially fooled.

Site Re-design
Published: 11/05/2004
I'm redesigning my site

What's in a word?
Published: 23/04/2004
How many meanings can one word have?

Mothers! I'll never understand them
Published: 08/03/2004
Just when you think you've got mothers all worked out, they go and surprise you.

My god multiple posts :-D
Published: 26/02/2004
Well, I just thought, am off down to cornwall tomorrow for the weekend, and won't remember to post tomorrow.

Bloody Weather
Published: 26/02/2004
Well this morning I woke up to find my pipes had frozen (no comments :-P)

Long time no speak...
Published: 20/02/2004
Apologies for not posting any updates in a while, but I have been very busy

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