AJAX Bandwidth Speed Test Released
Published: 22/03/2006
I have been looking at these on the Internet, wondering how easy it would be to implement and whether I could do it any better. The result is my very own 'Bandwidth Speed Test' thanks to the power of AJAX.

The Portfolio Section Goes Live
Published: 20/03/2006
I have now published a few examples of sites that i have worked on over the many years I have been developing. I will be adding to the list, but for now these are probably the most important out of the past couple of years.

Contact Form Update
Published: 13/03/2006
After being spammed to death the the 'Contact Me' page is back thanks to a nifty CAPTCHA script from Edward Eliot.

More TLD's for the domain checker
Published: 12/03/2006
The number of TLD's that can be bulk searched as been increased. Also a couple of bug fixes have been made and the number of domain you can register has been increased also (Cheers freeparking lol)

Phone number checker updated
Published: 06/03/2006
A minor update to this module has been made, namely the data files have been updated.

Domain checker update
Published: 06/03/2006
Finally fixed the freeparking domain register link and a few other tweaks

This site is not dead
Published: 06/03/2006
This site is not dead, it has just been in hibernation for a while.

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