phpStorm Crash resulting in missing Deployment Menu
Published: 06/11/2015
My installation of phpStorm crashed and the result caused settings to go up the spout and projects to not open correctly. After hours of trawling the web and lots of frustration I found a solution to get me back up and running

The hunt begins
Published: 15/10/2015
So I'm on the hunt for a decent PHP IDE again. I have been phpDesigner and Brackets for the past year and they are causing me way to much irritation and they both seem like a step backwards in terms of what I have used over the years, I have been flitting from IDE to IDE ever since ZendStudio 6 (5.2 was just simply the best).

Mysql: Finding the intersection of two SET fields (or delimited fields)
Published: 18/08/2015
I needed a way to find the interset of two delimited fields and discovered that there is no simple way to find the intersect of two SET, ENUM or delimited fields in MySQL with out creating complexed WHERE clauses using the FIND_IN_SET built in function. I finally found the solution!

Subversion Repository Spring Cleaning
Published: 12/05/2015
Following on from my last article, I have recently been working on migrating a repository from a contractor that contained multiple code bases for various system over to individual repositories for each system.

Moving a subversion repository to a different address/server
Published: 13/04/2015
A dirtier way of moving a repository to a different server or address

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